SMS Marketing Statistics In 2015 (Infographic)

Although SMS on smart phones has been around for over 20 years, SMS marketing is really beginning to take off. Businesses really need to consider adding SMS marketing to their overall mobile marketing strategy. In fact Mark O’Brien, president and CEO, North America, DDB Worldwide was recently quoted as saying: “On mobile, marketers must entertain or perish.”

I created this infographic to share with you 7 key SMS marketing statistics that marketers can no longer ignore.



Leverage Mobile Keywords to Collect More Subscribers for Your Group Texting Service

The larger your subscription base is, the healthier your bottom line will be. New subscribers can be handed off to sales or directly converted. Existing customers can be driven to purchase more often or simply nurtured until they’re ready to make a repeat purchase. That’s where the right group texting service comes in.

Here’s what you need to know about how the right group texting service can help you use mobile keywords to collect more subscriptions than you ever thought possible:

The Power of Mobile Keywords at Live Events

If you’re holding live events or trying to drive subscriptions at a physical location, mobile keywords are the best way to automate the process. Just about everyone carries their mobile phone with them at all times, and sending a quick text message isn’t intrusive or difficult. Subscribers don’t need to worry about remembering to go to your website later on. Even downloading an app is cumbersome when you’re on the run. It’s easy to forget about and eventually delete.

Collecting emails can be somewhat effective in person, but the leads won’t be the same quality. Engagement on email messages is much lower than text messages – the click-through rates for texts are nearly 6 times the rate of emails. Open rates are much different, too. They hover around 30% for emails while nearly 100% of text messages are opened.

Beyond that, email addresses simply aren’t as valuable as phone numbers. Almost 20% of people change their email address every six months, and even more change it at least once a year. People also tend to not give their main email address out for promotional purposes. They’ll either use one they set aside and rarely check or simply use one of many disposable email services available online.

Using a Group Texting Service for Immediate Results

Another reason that mobile keywords are effective is because they’re so agile. People receive text messages and open them immediately. Emails, especially if they’re sent to a secondary address, can often take quite a long time before they get opened.

Whenever information is extremely time-sensitive, you want to use mobile keywords. One good example is offering rewards. On the first day of spring, you could have people text SPRING to receive a coupon good for a free drink or a discount. Alternatively, you could your keywords to make it easy for your audience to receive information. By sending a single word you could send them your daily specials, hours for the day, or anything else they would be interested in on the go.

Simplifying the Process of Opting Out

You don’t want to encourage your subscribers to stop receiving your messages, but you don’t want to have a list full of bad phone numbers, either. Texting people who aren’t interested at the moment can be intrusive and might turn them off enough so that they look elsewhere when they are actually interested.

The good news is that it’s very simple to let your audience opt out of text communications. They can simply respond to your message with the word STOP. You can even optimize it so that they’ll only opt out of one particular kind of communications. For instance, certain leads may be interested in receiving periodic news updates but not promotional messaging.

Integrating Your Live Registrations

One of the best things about using an industry-leading group texting service like Trumpiais that you can manage your distribution lists no matter where you collect the information. If you have prospects that want to enter their information online or at a live kiosk, you can manually collect them and then load them right into your text message distribution list.

By utilizing a variety of techniques to gather mobile numbers, you’ll be able to reach different demographics within your target audience. You should also consider segmenting your audience by their sign-up method, sending them content tailored to their registration.

Send Text Message From Computer: Complements to Your Email

The digital world in which we live has made traditional marketing campaigns for businesses almost obsolete. The time has never been more immediate to embrace omni-channel marketing and incorporate SMS automated communications to effectively connect with your target audience.

Using bulk SMS to complement your email promotions breathes life into that old and tired traditional marketing campaign.

You can even send text message from computer because with today’s technology and Loyalitica, reaching your audience has never been easier.

Better Reach with SMS

According to a Gallup poll, only 37-percent of the respondents send or read email messages and 29-percent don’t use email at all. That’s a large number of subscribers not reached simply because of delivery method. When you can’t reach your target audience through email, SMS is the best alternative simply because two-thirds of all Americans own and use a smartphone.

The Pew Research Center reports that 46-percent of all smartphone owners say their smartphone is something “they couldn’t live without.” In fact, 65-percent of smartphone users in the United States check their phones within 15 minutes of waking and 64-percent check their phones within 15 minutes before going to sleep, states the CMO Council.

 SMS for the Personal Touch

Often emails either get sent to a subscriber’s spam folder or the subscriber thinks it’s spam and hits delete without even opening your message. SMS allows for a more personal touch and a way to follow up on a previously sent email. Growing your customer relationships isn’t only about making a sale. It’s also about connection, engagement, and letting your subscribers know they’re more than just a customer.

60-percent of all consumers, reports SDL, enjoy receiving a personalized message — something that isn’t related directly to a selling point. The text message is the perfect way to connect with that more personal message.

Omni-channel Marketing helps Reach Wider Demographics

Statistics show that email marketing can be most effective in reaching an older demographic, while SMS better fits the lifestyle of Gen X and millennials. For Americans age 65 and older, cell phones, landline phones, and email are their most used method of communication. However, younger generations, in particular millennials (those born between 1982 and the early 2000s) rely on their smartphone to stay connected with the world.

Millennials comprise one-quarter of the population in the United States and the average millennial exchanges about 67 text messages daily, reports Business Insider. Email typically is the last choice for communication for a millennial. This group wants content that reaches them quickly, easily, and in short bursts.

The average millennial exchanges about 67 #textmessages daily!

SMS Offers Effective Delivery of Condensed Messages

Email has its place, it’s own effectiveness and market. It provides an easy delivery method of information, graphics, and other large format items. However, you often can condense that same email message into a text message. Yes, you can say what you need to say in just 160 characters. Alert customers to a one-day only event, an exclusive deal for your loyalty list, or change in your store hours for the holidays.

With Loyalitica, your SMS marketing:

  • Delivers massive volumes of text messages in seconds.
  • Allows you to send text message from computer.
  • Makes it easy for your customers to text or call your business landline.
  • Collects subscriber phone numbers using mobile keywords.
  • Provides two-way texting to engage your subscribers.

Email and SMS Open and Response Rates

On average, it takes someone about 90 minutes to respond to an email. However, it takes about 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text message. The open rate for consumer goods email is 41-percent, while the open rate for a retail/e-commerce email is a low 16.7-percent, reports Smart Insights. The overall average open rate for emails is 20-percent. Response rates for emails typically drop to about 10-percent, although that percentage may be slightly higher when the subscriber receives the first “welcome” email.

SMS open and response rate are definitively higher than those generated by traditional emails. The open rate for text messages is a staggering 98-percent and a 45-percent response rate, making SMS your most effective way to reach your customers of any demographic.

The open rate for #textmessages is a staggering 98-percent!

Omni-channel Marketing Offers Best Solution

Omni-channel marketing provides your customers with an easy, seamless experience from all channels: email, text messages, social media, mobile apps, your website, your physical store, and even through a traditional print catalog. With omni-channel marketing your help your customers effortlessly access the information, goods, and services they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

Loyalitica is your complete solution for omni-channel marketing. With our SMS Marketing and Messaging Automation Software Platform, we make engaging your customers both easy and effective. From SMS to MMS (multimedia messages) and our email-to-SMS (send text message from computer) feature that allows you to sent a text message from within your email system to any phone number, we make omni-channel marketing the easiest way to engage your full customer base.

How Restaurants Use SMS Advertising to Cook Up Hot Promotions

The restaurant industry, in particular, is enticing consumers with spicy deals. Every month, new initiatives roll out, introducing innovative approaches to product and service marketing. Restaurants using SMS advertising are cooking up hot promotions, and they’re gaining traction via the assistance of MMS advertising and intuitive SMS advertising companies.

What is SMS Advertising?

Likely, you’ve seen opt-in text initiatives. You’ve witnessed a “Type YES for more information” SMS initiative. SMS advertising uses technology to prompt big responses quickly, granting marketers the freedom to allocate resources, target consumers effectively and convert users with one-on-one relationships.

SMS advertising software promotes sales, products, in-store discounts and unique brand offers. SMS isn’t exclusive to casual information anymore. It’s become a highly effective marketing channel.

SMS Advertising Software

Is SMS Advertising Better than Email?

It is. In fact, a text message carries an open rate of 98 percent, compared to an email’s open rate of 22 percent. SMS campaigns experience great success due to their sheer accessibility. Additionally, 76 percent of consumers state they’re more likely to read a text than an email message.

A text message’s instant accessibility lets marketers create flash sales, same-day promotions and “last call” notifications. Brands are similarly crafting supply-side notifications for consumers. E-commerce might be a fully digital platform, but brick-and-mortar stores are catching up with augmented mobile solutions. Because email is a considerably more “casual” communication form, it lacks the immediacy SMS upholds. Email messages garner temporary interest, whereas texts create ongoing appeal.


Email messages are also one-way communication channels, whereas SMS prompts engagement with two-way dialogue. Both are effective channels, yet email is more likely to succeed in online-centric atmospheres. Text promotions, meanwhile, dominate the brick-and-mortar service industry.

SMS and You: The Benefits of Automation

An automated SMS system benefits from its inherent capacity for massive text send-outs. While social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, tend to lose consumers in the hum-drum of everyday newsfeed banter, an automated text is privately held by consumers. Most social media users follow a multitude of accounts, liking, posting, sharing and discussing content.

90 percent of mobile-based shoppers use their phone for pre-purchasing activities, and 98 percent of texts are read within a minute of receipt. Text messages aren’t lost in the noise, but they remain a “social channel,” nonetheless. Automated SMS advertisement helps marketers approach the customer privately, foster an in-depth relationship and gaugebehavioral responses. The always-connected consumer hungers for social connection, and SMS marketing ensures quality conversation while upholding mobile marketing’s chief values.

What Can I Do with SMS Advertising?

If you’re in the restaurant business, you can morph SMS advertising into a power-packed solution. Automated SMS services guarantee cohesive strategies, personalized offers and long-term consumer relationships. In many ways, automated SMS will be the future of mobile marketing. The days of one-size-fits-all SMS campaigns are over. Automated systems, while achieving “big numbers,” create anything but generic texts. Automated SMS senders simply execute text initiatives based upon the pre-defined segments and relationships you’ve determined. Simply put: It takes the legwork out of sending.

Create a VIP Club with Mobile Coupons

Restaurant lovers love specialized services, and they enjoy being regulars. Your automated SMS advertisement platform can generate an intuitive VIP club, rewarding loyalty with special offers, geo-specific redemption coupons and daily specials. Last year, 50 percent of United States consumers made purchases directly after receiving loyalty-based texts, QR codes and discounts. VIP clubs work, and they’re owning the restaurant scene.

Send Promo Codes and Sales Announcements

Restaurant-goers deserve information. Service industries are notorious for seasonal shifts, annual discounts and monthly specials. Send out “catch of the day” announcements, and entice customers with in-season promo codes.

SMS Announcements

Link to Your Online Store

If you’re working an online store, a social media page or a mobile app, you’re in luck. SMS advertising helps restaurant operators assist consumers across channels, introducing them to engaging social media channels and ongoing in-app promotions.

Hand Out Free Gifts Upon Sign-Up

Consumers love free offers, and your automated SMS advertising campaign can pinpoint new arrivals with advanced sales metrics and behavioral targeting. Offer free appetizers, new menu options and one-time-only test services.

Big Names Using SMS Advertising

Popular restaurants are already hopping into the world of SMS advertising. Pizza Hut’s SMS-empowered campaign prompts sign-ups with in-store mobile keyword posers. Consumers texting PIZZA to 69488 are getting free breadsticks when specific keywords are typed in.

Similarly, Schlotzsky’s “Text LOTZ to 21333” campaign is landing e-club VIP visitors. Qdobaoffers free chips and queso to customers texting Q to 50500, and Smash Burger offers entry into its highly anticipated VIP Smash Club with keyword opt-in options. Each procures news, recipes, item-first previews and coupons, and each has become highly relevant in recent years.

Chipotle’s newest text campaign has brought innovation to the table, offering entire menu items based upon real-time updates, and Jack in the Box, too, is giving away free food items via a keyword opt-in system. As the mobile world evolves, customers are expecting dynamic offers. Now, it’s your chance to deliver them

25 Amazing Stats That Should Convince Your Business to Adopt Text Messaging

SMS marketing has become a preferred business approach by many, and for good reason. In recent years, text messaging has proven itself to be a superior communication platform. It’s fast, it’s accessible and it’s multi-functional. Now, big-name businesses are spearheading their mobile campaigns with solid text-based strategies, attracting consumers while generating revenue, retention and outreach.

If you haven’t yet, you should adopt an SMS strategy to accompany your other mobile communication methods. In the marketing world, few approaches compare. Check out the 25 bind-blowing statistics surrounding SMS and mobile marketing, and consider the many ways an automated text message sender can highlight your business’s best aspects:

One: Over 389 Billion Text Messages are Sent Monthly

Across the globe, billions of mobile users are communicating via text. Currently, over six billion smartphone subscribers contribute to the statistic.

Two: 95 to 98 Percent of Texts are Read Immediately

These texts are read within one minute of receipt, influencing mobile owners almost immediately. Mobile marketers have adopted text-first strategies to ensure instant communication.

Three: 86 Percent of Consumers Send and Receive Texts Every Week

Because modern consumers are mobile-centric, it isn’t a surprise how often they communicate with businesses and one another.

Four: 30 Percent of Consumers Interact with a Brand via Text Message

Instant offers, location-based amenities and digital coupons have made business text messaging a primary approach for consumers seeking extra benefits and even day-to-day offers.

Five: 80 Percent of Internet Users Use a Mobile Device

Because so many consumers have smartphones, text message numbers will only increase. Many business providers are extending to Internet outreach programs via SMS to capitalize on the connection.

Six: 71 Percent of Marketers Consider Mobile to Be a Core Mechanic

A lot of marketing tech workers are streamlining their strategies to make mobile marketing a top priority. A huge impactor of ROI, SMS marketing has become an in-house favorite.

Seven: 65 Percent of Smartphone Owners Check Their Phones Within 15 Minutes of Waking Up

Sound habitual? Americans are tied to their mobile devices. The “always connected” consumer is a profitable investment, and their capacity to read texts upon waking up is similarly big.

Eight: 50 Percent of Millennials Research Products via Smartphone

Millennials are the new smartphone-heavy consumer segment. Known for scoping out store products and services online, Millennials are contributing to a big portion of mobile marketing profits.

Nine: 41 Percent of Millennials Have Made Purchases via Smartphone

Millennials are buying on mobile devices, too. For this reason, text-based offers are increasingly popular among brands intending to influence the masses.

Ten: By 2018, Mobile Video Will Represent 69 Percent of Mobile Traffic

MMS services are becoming popular, and mobile marketers are sending rich media via texts to gain the modern buyer’s attention in ways never before imagined.

Eleven: 75 Percent of Smartphone Owners Watch Mobile Video

Text-based videos are incredibly accessible, and they’re well worth the consumer’s time investment. More than ever, smartphone owners are opening videos in texts and apps alike.

Twelve: 92 Percent of Mobile Viewers Share Their Videos

Both on text and online, text-based videos are spreading. Both SMS and MMS services hold great social potential for a brand, existing as an unrivaled marketing resource.

Thirteen: 71 Percent of Users Engage Social Media via Smartphone

Social media connects everything, and mobile marketers are finding ways to intimately link social media experiences with SMS applications. As technology evolves, we’re expected to see seamless messaging and social media integration.

Fourteen: 91 Percent of Adults Have Instant Access to a Smartphone

Their mobile devices are within an arm’s reach. Mobile devices have become our go-to tools for work, socializing and other day-to-day activities.

Fifteen: 91 Percent of Smartphone Users Consider Content Access is Important

More than ever, quick and intuitive text access has become favored by consumers. Automated SMS senders and dynamic texting platforms are being adopted to quench the consumer’s thirst, delivering great content and break-neck speeds.

Sixteen: 48 Percent of Consumers Begin Mobile Research Through a Search Engine

You’d be surprised how many consumers access mobile engines after a text conversation, too. Many consumers browse Safari just after receiving text-based offers, directions and promotions. Mobile users love information, and they love having instant access to it, too.

Seventeen: Mobile Apps Account for 89 Percent of Mobile Media Time

Text message marketing, too, is placing quite a bit of attention on mobile apps. In-app messaging, in 2016, is expected to become synonymous with pure SMS access. Innovative marketers are already planning for full-fledged text-to-app integration to serve smartphone users alerts and product updates.

Eighteen: 52 Percent of Companies are Using a Simple Mobile Marketing Template

They’re making mobile engagement incredible easy to procure. If you’re generating a text message marketing strategy, fear not. Many basic approaches still offer dynamic support, intuitive access and a slew of technical features.

Nineteen: 68 Percent of Businesses Have Fully Integrated with Mobile Marketing

Because so many businesses are utilizing SMS marketing, new technology roll-outs appear almost annually. Every month, advancements are made to streamline text marketing’s impact. Moreover, mobile marketing’s core platform is making SMS marketing easier than ever to engage.

Twenty: 85 Percent of Users State Mobile Devices are Integral to Everyday Life

Consumers won’t go a day without their smartphones, and their dedication to texting further empowers the many intelligent SMS strategies able to enhance the value of goods and services.

Twenty-One: Consumers Spend an Average of Two Hours and 21 Minutes, Per Day, on Smartphones

Smartphone usage constitutes a big slice of the modern buyer’s time. It’s become preferred over desktop and television alike, making it a viable target for the world’s leading marketing strategies.

Twenty-Two: 89 Percent of Users Consider Smartphones Important for Relaying Social Events

Smartphone users constantly send texts to friends and loved ones, relaying daily occurrences, news and events. Due to the sheer popularity of SMS, consumers have shifted to a “text to tell” communication methodology.

Twenty-Three: 54 Percent of All Phones are Smartphones

This includes household phones, too. Smartphones are taking over, fully integrating SMS into the average person’s daily lifestyle. In the near future, smartphones will dominate the planet, making text messaging much more than a modern communication cornerstone.

Twenty-Four: 64 Percent of Consumers Think Businesses Should Converse via SMS More Often

In fact, they’re preferring SMS communication to typical lines of communication, including email, on-phone discussion and web-based forms.

Twenty-Five: 52 Percent of Successful Mobile Offers are Time Sensitive

Time sensitive offers are delivered through texts, and automated SMS platforms effectively target consumer behavior, sending well-timed discounts and coupons to ready and willing buyers. Business text messaging is incredibly effective due to its instant action capabilities.

Generate Revenue and Reduce Expenses with Text Coupons

Text-based coupons are growing in popularity—and for good reason. Online shopping has turned to new horizons, offering incredibly intuitive benefits to consumers. Now, shoppers are relying on mobile and tablet devices to save big on annual deals, one-time offers and location-based giveaways.

Mobile marketers are shifting to mobile coupons to generate revenue, increase consumer retention and offer unprecedented deals. Thanks to incredible mobile automation technology, mobile coupons can now be sent to the right customer in the right place, and at the right time.


Increased Redemption Rates

Mobile Coupons

Image credit:

Consumers value mobile coupons over paper coupons. In fact, reveals this study, mobile coupons maintain:

  • A 14 percent higher open rate in texts.
  • A unique click generation increase of 34 percent when compared to regular texts.
  • A 27-percent transaction completion rate.
  • A 48-percent increase in revenue per linked mobile email sent.

Taking advantage of digital coupons will outfit your mobile marketing strategy for success. Because consumers want to receive text-based coupons, it’s no surprise approximately 70 percent of consumers state they want such offers for their most-purchased goods and services. Immediate offers are preferred by customers, recreating the way smartphone users send, receive and navigate their text message applications.


Money Made is Money Saved

Timed Mobile Coupons

Image credit:

In the world of mobile offers, text coupons are a top-tier revenue-builder. If you’re making digital offers, rather than paper-based ones, you’re reducing material costs. This benefit saves your business time, money and labor. It also gives you wiggle room when devising discount rates for current and future mobile consumers seeking great offers.

In 2016, eMarketer reports, the mobile coupon audience is expected to post double-digit growth rates Additionally, digital channels accessed by mobile consumers redeeming digital coupons further increase revenue by decreasing outreach costs. Because mobile coupons already drive consumers into emails, onto social media pages and into e-commerce stores, they offer a multi-level solution to high-cost problems commonly faced by mobile marketers.

Check out Burger King’s mobile coupon deal below:

Burger King Mobile Coupons

Image credit:


Time Your Coupon Messages

Understandably, consumers want offers on their terms. While some mobile coupon databases shoot out offers directly from retailers, others are fine-tuned to benefit timely bargain-seekers. Your modern SMS and MMS coupon sender is perfectly honed to send mobile updates, offer up-to-the-minute deals and offer subscriptions to a mobile coupon aggregator.

By timing your mobile coupon messages, you ensure a capitalization on the biggest coupon-hungry consumer segment. Mobile Marketing Watch has revealed an astounding65 percent redemption rate by consumers within five minutes.

See how easy it is to setup timed coupon messages with Loyalitica:
Trumpia Mobile Coupon Tool


Stay Relevant

While timing is important, relevancy holds the golden key to the consumer’s heart. Consumers don’t expect run-of-the-mill offers anymore. They want highly relevant offers, item-specific discounts and deals for the purchases they make most.

An intuitive mobile coupon sender prioritizes consumer behavior over sheer numbers, so you’re always playing on the buyer’s need for relevancy. Your automated SMS and MMS platform utilizes in-depth data to procure intelligent approaches to coupon send-outs. Gone are the days of coupon spamming. Now, you can create custom-tailored platforms able to create buyer-specific value.


Implement MMS and Ads for More Value

MMS marketing garners a lot of consumer attraction, as do mobile advertisements. Mobile owners are reworking their appreciation for media-based texts, and for several reasons. Media-based texts can be saved, and they can be shared. Currently, 59 percent of consumers state their opinion of a retailer would be increased if the retailer were to create savable coupons, reports BizReport. Additionally, over half of consumers state they’re willing to click mobile-based advertisements resulting in coupon procurement.

Trumpia Mobile Text Message


Increase Value with Better Deals

mobile loyalty

Again, the name of the game is “value.” Consumers value instant redemptions over paper-based coupons. It won’t be long before text-based coupons outpace their paper counterparts altogether.

For the consumer, time is money. They’re willing to adopt new technology when offered speed-of-redemption, and they’re intend upon boosting their purchase’s overall quality. By targeting the consumer’s favorite products, a marketer behind the wheel of a text-based coupon campaign can enhance the buyer’s perceived value.

Mobile Marketing Watch additionally reports that 26 percent of mobile users increase their overall basket sizes when using them. Highly personalized coupons motivate 39 percent of mobile consumers to spend more, and as high as 60 percent of consumers state they’d adopt mobile payments if coupons were offered.


High Campaign Variety

Every industry is different, and every mobile audience vies for different benefits. Fortunately, your automated mobile marketing platform can increase offer variety. Many different ways exist to shop and save, and your services needn’t be limited to a single approach.

Mobile Commerce Daily has recorded several high-profile brands who’ve kicked off 2015 with astounding mobile-centric campaigns. Particularly, Dunkin’ Donuts excelled in creating astounding offer while overflowing competition. Its mobile gift card distribution strategy granted it incredible maneuverability against Starbucks while featuring benefits through its DD Perks app, attached to a solid SMS campaign.

Kmart, too, adopted a coupon-heavy strategy in 2015. It fueled holidays sales with a revamped mobile coupon strategy. Its Free Friday Fix tool delivered text-based mobile coupons every Friday for in-store redemption. Powered by time-triggered responses, Kmart’s strategy is an excellent example of mobile automation’s finest offers.

marketing automation


Deliver SMS and MMS Coupons with Loyalitica

Loyalitica’s astounding SMS and MMS coupon platform uses an enhanced software system to assure perfect offers, perfect timing and perfect delivery. If you’re intend on going green, take advantage of Loyalitica’s cost-reducing approach to SMS outreach and cost-saving offers.

With Loyalitica, you don’t need overly complicated POS system integration. Simply craft your strategy around your consumer base’s behavior and get ready for browser-based redemption. Customers phones, too, can be used to redeem coupons, so buyers can achieve on-the-go value.

Each coupon can be accessed by conventional and smart phones, so every platform is engaged. Loyalitica’s platform generates analytics for every coupon campaign, so your strategies can always adapt to new situations using recent data. Capable of tracking coupon redemption rates, the Loyalitica platform similarly lets users send future texts based on the offers your consumers know and love.

Tony's Pizzeria coupon

Tony's pizzaria deal

Consumers make purchases when good deals arise. Now, you can entice buyers to make their own choices, harness their own deals and redeem their own offers. Text-based coupons are the marketing world’s future, and they’re taking the industry by storm.

MMS Text is Worth a Thousand Words: How to Send, and Receive, Bulk Picture Messages

Whether you’re on an SMS or social media platform, a picture is worth a thousand words.MMS text imbues regular messages with unforgettable impact, and you can redefine your mobile marketing strategy with the world’s latest smartphone media technology.

Every mobile-based text entry box is subject to character limitations. Sure, you might have a great one-liner, or even a powerful call-to-action, but you’ll always be limited to the mobile user’s screen size and text barriers. Pictures, as well as other media, bypass these restrictions, boosting consumer interaction while making much-needed points.

A recent Bizreport article studying social marketing has revealed approximately three-fourths of 30,000 branded Facebook posts utilize photos to impact customers. Moreover, SlideShare’s depiction of an Adelie Studios research segment, too, has studied the MMS phenomenon, depicting that 92 percent of mobile video users share videos with one another. Pictures generate far greater engagement than simple status updates, and you, the mobile marketer, should be outfitting your platform to support an MMS-based approach.

Higher Open Rates, More Responses

MMS has already proven itself in the mobile realm. Media-based texts carry higher open rates than regular text messages. Why? Because they stand out. The consumer doesn’t need to process a wall of text to “get the picture.” In fact, the same SlideShare statistic roundup reflects’s research, stating approximately 65 percent of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a mobile video.

Multimedia Messaging Services enable the marketer’s ability to send mobile messages containing vivid multimedia, and a majority of marketing professionals report that video-containing texts convert consumers better than any other medium.


Brand Awareness

MMS doesn’t stop with conversion, either. Brand awareness is incredibly important, and a tech-savvy company capable of swaying consumers with text message multimedia can relay vital company information. Logos, branding and even company-related visuals can be implemented into a text message’s included multimedia.

Many companies have made brand awareness easier to create via multimedia, too. Facebook’s recent integration with Apple’s iOS 6 has streamlined the creation, and sharing, of text message media. Providers like Loyalitica have furthered such innovations, creating automated platforms able to produce mass MMS lists, delivering relevant videos and pictures to pre-designated consumer groups.


Do Away with Direct Mailers

While email marketing is still effective, its benefits are small when compared to MMS marketing’s potential. Direct mailers are expensive. They’re time consuming. Moreover, consumers are less likely to trust media imbedded in an email. They’re still adapting to the new age of fully integrative marketing.

Media-packed email messages worry consumers. Opening picture and video links within an email seems unwise to some consumers—and dangerous to others. Text messages, however, hold a special place in the consumer’s heart. They’re more personal, and they’re perceived as safer by smartphone owners.


Loyalitica’s Powerful MMS Platform

Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service platform offers ironclad solutions to marketers seeking direct connections. When harnessing the power of a brand-leader’s arsenal, you’re granted the amenities, utilities and benefits of a highly relevant, sophisticated marketer.

Send bulk MMS messages to thousands of consumers in seconds. Influence buyers based upon the segment’s you’ve chosen. Or, receive multimedia messages from consumers. Loyalitica’s complex MMS platform lets the marketer decide. Linking with other organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses has never been easier, and Loyalitica is here to aid your brand’s journey.

MMS Marketing



Intuitive Uses

Sometimes, words alone can’t convey your brand’s message. It’s time to enrich every text visually. The Loyalitica Multimedia Messaging Service platform lets you send high-impact videos and pictures immediately, grabbing the buyer’s attention while enticing further communication. Whether it’s a visually exciting announcement or a virtual card packed with holiday cheer, Loyalitica’s well-honed MMS service guarantees deep, enriching conversations again and again.


Brand Announcements

Reduce the last-minute manual struggle, and send out colorful brand announcements instantly. Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service holds powerful instant announcement utilities. These utilities harness high-tech reminder technology to create intuitive mobile brand announcements.

Announcements are immediate, and they’re generated with your brand’s latest information. One-day-only sales, upcoming location-based events and in-store offers might only be one step away, but Loyalitica’s MMS platform guarantees full disclosure with a single click.


Send Coupons and Promotions

Physical coupons might be “phasing out” of modern marketing strategies, but digital coupon images still excite consumers. Take advantage of Loyalitica’s unmatched power and flexibility, and shoot out day-of promotions to your most loyal customers. Or, send coupons derived from real-time data gathered from in-store purchases.

The choice is yours, and each multimedia coupon offers enticing offers capable of bringing your consumers to new channels. MMS brings text readers into email lists, drives them to engage social media and entices them to send out pictures of their own!

Send coupons


Create Photo and Video Competitions

Consumer engagement needn’t be a one-way street. Why not get the buyer involved? Consumer competitions offer astounding feedback potential. They engage mass audiences, too. Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service is fully geared to increase brand value with interactive mobile polls, so the consumer can vote, discuss and engage at every level.

See what your audience is doing, and let them view competition results immediately. Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service creates an intuitive environment for customer rewards, so don’t miss out on great competitive opportunities.


Host Product and Service Giveaways

Location-based services and real-time offers both expand a brand’s giveaway potential. Now, you can retain customers immediately by crafting a loyalty program. Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service platform offers a rich customer reward giveaway framework, so your solutions always put the buyer first.

Each Loyalitica digital solution packs up-and-coming giveaway offers with intelligent information. Your customers will always be up to date on your loyalty program’s status. The platform automatically engages consumers, so you needn’t worry about manual approaches. Giveaways are driven by consumer interaction, too, ensuring the right customer achieves the right award—and at the right time.

Host product giveaways

Image Credit:


Create and Share Events

Location-based services have reworked the way businesses engage and inspire customers. Modern consumers need to digest information quickly, and they deserve relevant, streamlined content. Loyalitica’s rich Multimedia Messaging Service combines multimedia with directions, so event locations, banners and features are visible to text-based attendees.

High-impact outreach events need full integration. By imbuing your instant event invitations with multimedia, you create a cohesive atmosphere.

Craft and Send Holiday Cards

Personal SMS campaigns need to excite consumers. Loyalitica’s Multimedia Messaging Service is perfect for holiday card send-outs. Create the perfect Christmas Cheer card, and offer unbeatable discounts alongside in-store check-ins.


simply remind consumers you’re thinking of them. After all, festive multimedia is always welcomed!

How Speakers and Authors Can Use Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing offers many channels for reaching your audience, including reminding them of events and sending them special offers for your next book. It is a great way to add some oomph to your existing marketing strategies and connect personally with your followers.

Mobile marketing for authors and speakersMobile is now the primary way that people connect with the Internet, and you can take advantage of this communication stream to deepen existing relationships with your readers and find new ones.

Here are some easy ways to increase your following with mobile marketing.

1. Create an SMS marketing subscriber list.

SMS or “texting” is one of the top activities that people use a cell phone for. Texting is the most used application on smartphones, with 97 percent of U.S. users texting at least once a day.

Use this knowledge to your advantage by offering an opt-in service for your followers.

You can use this an SMS service in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Send reminders of new books or upcoming presentations.
  • Let people know when you will be in town.
  • Send out alerts for your newsletter or contests on social media.
  • Inform followers of giveaways and freebies.
  • Offer free tickets to your next speaking engagement if they share your text.

Creative ideas for SMS message marketing are being thought of daily.

You can divide your list in several ways, including by location to let readers know when you will be in their local area for a meet and greet, book signing or convention.

You can also divide the list by genre, if you write or speak in more than one topic area. Send reminders only to followers for that particular genre when events come up.

Additionally, run surveys of your readers to see which of your characters they like best or which book is their favorite.

2. Optimize your website for mobile users.

Now that more people access the Internet from mobile devices than desktop computers, you should optimize your website for mobile.

Optimizing your site for mobile will not turn away desktop followers. In fact, they may not know the difference. Many people go online using both their mobile and desktop device, and can follow you on both.

The best practice for making your site mobile accessible is by changing it to a mobile responsive theme. Talk to your webmaster to see how much work that will be.

Mobile responsive themes respond to a signal from devices, displaying your site in best fashion for each device’s screen size. They also reorder elements of the site in a predetermined configuration. This process is automatic, making the site friendlier to mobile users.

3. Use social media sites that are popular on mobile.

Some social media sites have great apps designed to make them easy to use, making it easier to access information and share content with friends.

Instagram is a mobile-only social media site that is primarily a picture/video sharing site. You can use this to promote your upcoming events and let people get to know the real you. [You do have to upload your images from your mobile device to use this app.]

Pinterest has a very sophisticated mobile app that you can use for letting people know about events, sending out quotes from your books or your inspirational messages, and sending out advance notices of your book covers. It is a very active site on desktop and mobile, and book covers are the perfect size for Pinterest images.

Depending on your topic area of expertise, you can create boards sharing recipes, offering business advice or cosplaying your main characters (dressing up and acting like them).

Facebook is used on mobile for sharing images, videos and text, and can be adapted to mobile easily. Many authors create pages to announce new books, get feedback from readers, and let people know where they are traveling for conventions. You can even send videos of yourself meeting followers or speaking, or ask people to tag you when they post their photos to Facebook of your meeting.

Just a Start

These ideas are just a beginning to the many ways to publicize your work on mobile. You will be amazed at how easy it is to add mobile marketing to your marketing strategy.


10 innovative ways to use SMS marketing

Two decades ago, texting seemed like a strange afterthought, somewhere between an email or a voice message.

Texts were expensive and infrequent before the days of unlimited text plans. They were hard to send, way back when cell phones had numerical keypads instead of letters.

But texting is now a preferred method of communication, whether it’s a one-to-one correspondence or one-to-many messages. It’s the latter group where businesses can really shine. By sending a message out to all your subscribers/supporters at once, you can reach them anywhere – and odds are, they’ll be so trained by their phones that they’ll check every time there’s the chime or buzz of an incoming text.

Businesses can now easily send mass SMS to letting followers know there’s something special going on. Here are 10 ways to get started.

1. A coupon. People like saving money and getting deals almost as much as they like getting texts. They can feel exclusive if they know that only a portion of the total customer base –those who have opted-in to texts/joined a mailing list — will receive the discount/promotional opportunity. You can provide an easy link to a coupon landing page. But make sure the coupon can be redeemed electronically, either by showing their phone or by providing a certain phrase/keyword.

2. New products or services. If you’re a retailer or a food service business there are always new items to mention. Even if you don’t have anything recent to promote, you can still talk about something you do – some of your customers/followers may not know you offer it.

3. Polite reminders. In retail, it’s the clerk saying “I’ll be here if you need anything.” Let people know that you’re here and ready to help them. They’ll hopefully recall that you’re the one who reaches out to them occasionally.

4. Discuss a contest. The easiest way to participate would be a link to a landing page with details about it and a spot to enter, plus a link to the rules. You’ll likely be promoting it on your site, blog and social media, but some phone owners may not check these areas all the time, but would check a text.

5. Useful tips. Besides selling your own products or services, you can tell people ho w to get good use out of them. A lawnmower company can send text with suggestions on how to use it well or common challenges with easy solutions. A food retailer can include suggestions on what to eat or drink with it.

6. Information about an upcoming event. “Save the date” notices aren’t just for weddings. If your store is having a party, or involved in some other public endeavor, let people know about it in advance so they have time to plan. This could even be a fun local campaign for a countdown, either by day or by hour.

7. Ask for help. A group of customers who already generally like you can become a great focus group on proposed items like a new logo, new product descriptions and other marketing materials. You get good data for your choices, and customers enjoy assisting.

8. Take a survey. It could be purely for fun, or it could be seeking info about different aspects of your organization. If you combine with another incentive – “let us know what you think and enter to win ____ ” you may get more volunteers.

9. Customer alerts. If you received an email or a snail mail about “changes to your terms” you’d toss it in a hurry. But a text might make you curious enough to click to a landing page that describes what’s happening and any required legal text.

10. Something fun. Link to a video or a photo gallery. Maybe the last company party. Maybe a happy customer. Something the staff is cool to personally invite people to check out.

Texting is a perfect way to get the word out about your company, and invite the recipient to be part of the fun. Whether it’s promoting company information or sharing super deals, you want to make sure your list of recipients appreciates being included. Once your message is created, Loyalitica can assist you with the tools to start texting.